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If you cannot get the IPTV Player to work, you need to edit your M3U file or URL

You are probably reading this because you get the error message “Your Browser is Not Supported”

Don’t worry, it just means that your file is the wrong format and needs a bit of editing.

Example of a Working M3U File

Example of a Broken M3U File

Your list should only contain URLs and no other text other than #EXTINF channel name. Some IPTV providers will do this for you, all you need to ask for is an M3U Playlist File in HLS format. If your provider won’t do this for you, just edit each channel to match the correct format.

The correct format is #EXTINF:-1,Channel Name above each channel url, as seen below:

Most IPTV providers will use XtreamCodes to issue your files. Send the image below to your provider if they don’t understand what you are asking for. The image is taken from the XtreamCodes IPTV panel and shows how to issue the correct file for our online IPTV Player.

When your provider issues the file using the option above, you will not need to edit the file, it will work as it is.

If you cannot obtain the M3U HLS file make sure your file only has the #EXTINF channel info and m3u URL which ends in the m3u8 extension as seen in the working screenshot.

You can download a test file that contaieens a couple of freeview channels here. Download and upload it to the player to see how it works. You can right click and view source of the downloaded file to get an idea of how your channel list should look.